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5 Reasons to Insist on Mineral Makeup for Your Wedding
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5 Reasons to Insist on Mineral Makeup for Your Wedding

There are endless details involved in the ever-complicated wedding planning process and many decisions that have to be made for the big day. An easy one to check off the list is using mineral makeup for your bridal look. Memories fade, but pictures last forever! Be photo-ready with high quality makeup products.

1. Mineral makeup looks amazing in HD

With HD cameras, every imperfection on the skin is visible, including acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and poorly blended makeup - so a full-coverage foundation/concealer combination that looks natural is essential. Mineral foundation and makeup gives brides that coveted natural coverage.

Melissa Kinsey of Salon Salvatore Day Spa says primer is a must. “Use a primer!” says Kinsey. “If you want a flawless, pore-free look, don't skip this step. It will give your makeup staying power and diffuse imperfections.”

Kinsey also recommends that brides practice their bridal look before the big day, whether the bride is doing her own makeup or hiring a professional artist. “This way, the look can be perfected and there is no stress the day of. I love knowing ahead of time exactly what we are doing and what products I'm using.”

Take a note from 'Clueless' and don't rely on mirrors! Take a few test photos with and without flash to make sure the end result is exactly what you want.

2. Triple-milled mineral makeup foundation looks seamless

When minerals are refined to create mineral make up, they are ground up into small particles. Minerals powder foundations from glo are triple milled into a fine powder so they lay on the surface of the skin, evenly covering and correcting for flawless coverage and a smooth look.

3. With mineral makeup, less is more

With bridal makeup, a general rule is to use 10% more product than you would normally wear. Since mineral makeup doesn’t contain bulking ingredients, you’ll get more pigment with less product, a win-win.

Glo Skin Beauty Global Education Ambassador & Artistry Lead, Janeena Billera likes to give her brides full coverage for the best possible photos and all day wear in any climate. “My go to bridal foundation cocktail is comprised of a mineral tinted primer that allows even, lightweight coverage, an illuminating mineral liquid foundation and a medium coverage mineral pressed powder foundation.”

4. Mineral makeup allows the skin to breathe

When layer after layer of makeup is applied, it can weigh the skin down and cause skin irritation, especially on brides that aren’t accustomed to such heavy application. Traditional cosmetics often contain occlusives like oils and lanolin that cause the skin to look and feel greasy, often clogging the pores. No one wants to deal with post-wedding acne on their honeymoon! Mineral makeup foundation is breathable because it is free of these occlusive agents.

5. Mineral makeup has endless possibilities

Mineral makeup formulas have a vibrant spectrum of colors for eyes, cheeks and lips, and bases are available in a variety of shade and coverage options. The beautiful bridal makeup application shown above by Melissa Kinsey features the following:

April 13, 2016
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