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Guest Post: Suede Matte Styling with Patterns & Pops

Guest post by Brittany and Lindsay with Patterns & Pops

The Suede Matte Crayon in sorbet is that perfect lip color that literally goes with EVERY outfit! The most fascinating part about this particular shade of Suede Matte Crayon is that is looks slightly different on each person that wears it. A fairer skin might see a pinker tone, whereas an olive gets a rich berry hue. Obviously, a pink that somehow camouflages itself to look great on any complexion is a Patterns & Pops DREAM lip color!

For our first look, we have Brittany in a high waisted maxi and fitted crop. We are loving the “Taylor Swift” crop this summer that is long enough to not show off too much skin. The little bit of bling embellishment near the neckline is fantastic because it offers built-in jewelry, how great is that?? And this maxi skirt (to be released later tonight so stay tuned!) is TO DIE FOR. The slip is actually about a foot and half shorter than the outer layer giving a fun sheer effect around the ankles - you won’t be able to keep yourself from twirling around!

Lindsay is wearing a Patterns & Pops backless tank and Patterns & Pops watercolor shorts. If there is one thing we love more than a pattern or a pop, it’s a surprise element to an outfit. From the front, this tank looks simple and basic and then you turn around and BAM - there’s a sexy summer twist!

The watercolor shorts are cut from a beautiful fabric that literally looks like a painting. They can be dressed up or down and are FINALLY a length that actually covers your bum, but is still short and sassy. Everyone needs a pair of patterned shorts in their wardrobe, if not 2 or 3!
May 21, 2015
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