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Sun Protection Tips

Protect yourself from damage caused by the sun with our sun protection tips. Sun damage can cause not only cosmetic issues but also serious health issues. Learn how to protect your skin with the resources highlighted below.

Suncare is the most important part of every skincare routine. Beyond the beach, broad-spectrum suncare is your first line of daily defense against aging sun damage and free radicals. The best anti-aging product available, suncare shields skin from harmful rays that cause premature aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and uneven tone and texture.

Physical suncare products contain active mineral ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and sit on top of the skin, deflecting and scattering the damaging rays. Offering instant protection as soon as they’re applied, zinc oxide suncare is a soothing choice for sensitive skin as it's an anti-irritant, and as it doesn’t block pores or clog skin, it’s perfect for acne-prone complexions too. Chemical suncare products work by absorbing into the skin where they convert the rays into heat, then release that heat from the skin. They’re thinner, easily spreadable, and more lightweight. Whether tinted, mineral, oil free, or zinc oxide suncare, Glo’s lineup of next-generation suncare options replaces any chalky finishes of old with dewy, breathable, radiant, skincare-infused suncare for every skin tone and texture. And, don’t forget to add suncare for your body too. Hands, neck, décolleté should get suncare everyday, then add to other exposed body parts as and when needed.

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