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Face Makeup

Whether you’re looking to build your base, contour, highlight, or bronze and blush, our pro-level mineral face makeup edit has you covered.

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Pressed Base
C-Shield Anti-Pollution Moisture Tint
Pressed Base
C-Shield Anti-Pollution Moisture Tint
Luminous Brightening Concealer
Skin Glow Powder Highlighter
Satin Cream Foundation
Oil Free Camouflage
HD Mineral Foundation Stick
Perfecting Powder
Loose Base
Loose Base
Honey Medium Loose Base Color Swatch
Honey Light Loose Base Color Swatch
Golden Dark Loose Base Color Swatch
Golden Medium Loose Base Color Swatch
Golden Light Loose Base Color Swatch
Beige Medium Loose Base Color Swatch
Natural Medium Loose Base Color Swatch
Natural Light Loose Base Color Swatch
Natural Fair Loose Base Color Swatch
Sunkiss Bronze Color Swatch
Sunlight Bronze Color Swatch
Essential Eye Base
Shimmer Brick

Face Makeup Trends to Know

Find the best face makeup for your skin type and how to apply with our resources below. Read in our blog the latest trends for mineral makeup.

Our extensive face makeup offers a texture, tone, and formulation to suit all. For building out your perfect base, start with your primer to prep and smooth skin, and boost your foundation’s longevity. Depending on whether you’re going for a more natural and sheer no makeup makeup look, or something more full coverage and statement, our lineup of liquid, powder, and cream foundations come in a range of coverages, in matte, dewy, or luminizing finishes, with rich-pigment mineral tints.

With suncare options, all our foundations are infused with active skincare ingredients including antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Add your concealer or camouflage depending on your coverage goals, choosing from oil-free, under eye-specific, or a multi-tone corrective kit. Next-up, get your glow going with either Add your bronze or blush—which you can totally use on lids too for that fun monotonal look. Add your higher balm or shimmer to really pop your high points, and, if you’re in the contouring mood, our Contour Kit has everything you need to sculpt and shape your look for subtle to statement effects. Don’t forget a sweep of setting powder to complete your look and extend its wearability. And, as all our mineral face makeup is vegan, talc-free, paraben-free, it’s suitable for all skin types—especially sensitive.

Frequently Asked Questions About Face Makeup

Should I use foundation or concealer?

"If you're wondering what foundation makeup is, think of it as a base. It should provide enough coverage on its own to enhance your complexion without the need for a concealer. If you'd like additional coverage on dark circles, blemishes, redness, or discoloration, apply concealer on top of foundation," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

What concealer should I use for dark circles?

"Foundation makeup can also start with your concealer too. For concealing dark circles, you can start by applying a color-correcting concealer, topped with a concealer shade that matches your complexion, then add foundation," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

What skin type should use liquid foundation?

"If you're unsure what foundation makeup you should try, there are a variety of liquid foundations that suit all skin types + tones. Every skin type can benefit from the more lightweight and creamy texture of a liquid foundation," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

Which is better liquid foundation or stick foundation?

"This depends on what you want from your foundation makeup. For different finishes and coverage levels, a liquid foundation is a great option. If you want a buildable, cream-based foundation with easy application, then go for a stick foundation," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

Can I mix my foundation with moisturizer?

"A top tip on how to apply face makeup effortlessly, is mixing your foundation with your moisturizer. This adds even more moisture to your base, as well as sheering out your foundation coverage level, for a dewy, radiant finish," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

What products do I need for flawless makeup?

"Flawless makeup isn't just about the products, it's also down to the application and layering. For a flawless-looking complexion, try a primer, foundation, concealer, followed by setting powder. Make sure you're using the right brushes for a smooth application too," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

What is buildable coverage foundation?

"A buildable coverage foundation means additional layers of your foundation can be applied to extend coverage. Coverage can be light, medium, or full. For flawless makeup, start with light coverage and then layer up, depending on what your skin needs," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

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