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Lip Makeup

Luxurious lip makeup you’ll love, discover our lineup of longwearing lipsticks, lip liners, and gloss, which condition while adding all the color.

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Barrier Balm
Barrier Balm
Dune Lipstick Color Swatch
Zen Lipstick Color Swatch
Confetti Lipstick Color Swatch
Darling Lipstick Color Swatch
Organza Lipstick Color Swatch
Rose Petal Lipstick Color Swatch
It Girl Lipstick Color Swatch
Love Potion Lipstick Color Swatch
Pillow Talk Lipstick Color Swatch
Parasol Lipstick Color Swatch
French Nude Lipstick Color Swatch
Glaze Lipstick Color Swatch
Fixation Lipstick Color Swatch
Bullseye Lipstick Color Swatch
Brick-House Lipstick Color Swatch
Runway Lipstick Color Swatch
Bella Lipstick Color Swatch
Lip Gloss
Dollface Lip Gloss Color Swatch
Prism Lip Gloss Color Swatch
Naked Lip Gloss Color Swatch
Peony Lip Gloss Color Swatch
Cupcake Lip Gloss Color Swatch
Whisper Lip Gloss Color Swatch
Slipper Lip Gloss Color Swatch
Pink Blossom Lip Gloss Color Swatch
Secret Agent Lip Gloss Color Swatch
Desert Bloom Lip Gloss Color Swatch
Brown Sugar Lip Gloss Color Swatch
Sweetspot Lip Gloss Color Swatch
Plum Glaze Lip Gloss Color Swatch
Plumberry Lip Gloss Color Swatch
Star Struck Lip Gloss Color Swatch
On the Rocks Lip Gloss Color Swatch
Beloved Lip Gloss Color Swatch

Lip Makeup Tips & Tricks

Highlight your lips when you use the right lip makeup. Read about finding the perfect lipstick or lip stain and how to use lip makeup.

For lip makeup that’s richly-pigmented, lightweight, and loaded with skincare ingredients, look to our pro-level, artist-approved lip collection. Whether lipstick, lip liner, and gloss, our lip products have a formula, finish, and shade to suit all. Our Cream Glaze Crayons have all the shine of a delicious lip gloss, without any of that stickiness or heaviness. These shea butter infused formulations are highly-pigmented and offer the perfect splash of conditioning color, ideal for on-the-go touchups too. And, on the more modern matte side—but with a velvety soft finish, our Suede Matte Crayons offer a rich-pigment palette for longwearing, lightweight, effortless application. Add all the precision to your look with our silky lip liner pencils, perfect for crafting your ideal shape, and for teaming up with a lip gloss to keep edges crisp.

For high shine that’s anything-but-sticky, layer up on our lip gloss, ranging from sheer to opaque in neutral and natural hues to more statement shades. And, our top tip for perfect lip color application is to always make sure your lips are conditioned with a nourishing lip balm, and don’t forget to exfoliate your lips weekly or before wearing a deep color, to avoid any unwanted flakes getting in the way of your flawless lip makeup look.

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