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Face Toner

Face toners refresh, prep, and balance your complexion, helping your skincare products work better too. From toners to face mists find your favorite here.

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Beta-Clarity Clear Complexion Pads
Phyto-Calm Flower Mist
Beta-Clarity Clear Complexion Pads
Phyto-Calm Flower Mist

Toners Pro Tips

Looking to find a toner that’s right for your skin goals? From the best toners for acne, anti-aging, or sensitive skin, our pro guides offer expert advice on how to add a toner into your skincare ritual, and the benefits they bring.

Face toners are the key to unlocking a boost of skincare benefits you could be missing out on. And, you may be wondering, what does a toner do? Many of us think using a cleanser is enough, but a toner’s job is to refresh and nourish skin after cleansing, without stripping any moisture, and to act as a primer for the rest of your skincare products. In the past, skin toners were associated with stripping oils from the skin, but these next-generation toners are infused with soothing, brightening, and anti-aging active ingredients. That’s why we recommend our toners for every skin type—even sensitive. Expert at removing any impurities, any traces of debris or pollution your cleansing didn’t wash off, toners also protect skin, closing up and reducing the size of pores, and helping avoid breakouts. And, they boost the efficacy of other skincare products with gentle exfoliation and pH balancing, promoting better absorption.

Our best-selling toner, exfoliant, and treatment booster is the Hydra-Bright Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant. Infused with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) plus niacinamide, it’s the dream team toning treatment. For oily or combination skin toners, our Clear Complexion Pads offer elevated oil control and congestion-clearing. We also have nourishing toning mists, for a refreshing spritz of benefits that you can repeat throughout the day.

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