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10 Benefits of Using Face Oils
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10 Benefits of Using Face Oils

Throughout the past few decades, if you had oily and/or acne-prone skin, you were likely told to steer clear of any face oils or products containing oils in their formulas. Not only did this mean transitioning to oil-free formulas, it also meant incorporating harsh, drying astringents into your daily routine. The hope was that you would wake up to a balanced and blemish-free complexion but that was rarely the case.

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Even if you had dry skin, you may have still been wary to use something with oil in it because of its (alleged) pore-clogging abilities. Within recent history, however, all of this changed. Face oils became a hot, trending topic in the skincare community and everyone wanted to take part. This forced scientists and brands to take another look at their formulas and the oils they chose to use in their products.

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Oils used in outdated skincare formulas were rarely created with any specific skin types in mind but modern face oils, including our new Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil, contain emollient oils, which absorb quickly and leave a dewy glow without any residue. Additionally, they include added benefits that specifically target different skin types and skin concerns, so you can choose a face oil that works for your skin.

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Whether you’ve already taken the leap and use face oils or if you’re still on the fence, check out our top 10 benefits of using face oils below:

1. Glowing, Not Greasy

Using a face oil doesn’t have to mean shiny skin. With just 2-4 drops, you receive enough antioxidants and benefits to give you a lit-from-within glow. And this glow doesn't have to stop with your skincare. Try applying one to two drops on top of your foundation for added glow.

2. Ageless Skin

Whether you’re trying to prevent wrinkles or fight them head on, face oils can help plump, nourish and firm skin, giving you that coveted youthful appearance. Not to mention, face oils help provide a powerful defense against aging.

3. Creativity is King

Face oils can be incorporated at almost any step of your routine, either on their own or mixed with other products. Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil gives you the opportunity to be your own skincare mixologist, creating your perfect beauty cocktail. We love mixing oils with moisturizers, blending with foundations and combining with masks.

4. Reduced Blemishes

The unique blend of miracle oils in Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil are considered ‘dry oils,’ meaning they are easily absorbed and actually prevent excess sebum (oil) production by regulating your skin’s moisture content. When sebum and moisture are regulated, it’s common to see a decrease in blemishes.

5. Deeply Hydrated

Everyone from the driest to the oiliest skin types need hydration. Face oils are a great way to add lightweight hydration, especially in the summer when using a rich moisturizer is the last product you reach for. Just because they’re ‘dry oils,’ doesn’t mean they can’t deeply hydrate and condition.

6. Environmentally-Friendly

The Squalane used in Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil is 100% sustainably sourced and comes from sugar cane instead of olives. We specifically chose this version of Squalane so you can rest assured your oil purchase will have a minimal environmental impact.

7. Calmed Complexion

Many ingredients used in anti-aging formulas are too active for sensitive complexions and using them leads to redness, breakouts or irritation. Because of its unique blend of miracle oils and plant stem cell, Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil works well for our most sensitive clients. In fact, it even makes a great post-peel product! If you’re still not convinced, try a patch test behind your ear to ensure you’ll experience no negative reactions.

8. Products Work Harder

As we said previously, one of our favorite aspects of face oils is that it can be mixed with almost any other product in your routine. What’s even better, when you mix it with moisturizers or masks, you’re improving the benefits of both products.

9. Affordable Luxury

Though it may not be a true skin benefit, using a face oil can be a very luxurious experience, without a luxurious price tag. We all need to focus more on our own self care and spending time working a skin-benefiting product into your skin may be just what the doctor ordered. Pro Tip: you can even try including a few drops in your next bath.

10. Improved Radiance

With or without a face oil, you are radiant. But speaking strictly to Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil's ability to increase illumination by 52%, your complexion can be radiant as well. This is all thanks to the powerful Resistem™ plant stem cell that comes from the Heart-Leaf Globe Daisy and works to scavenge free radicals.

February 28, 2019
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