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7 Summer Styling Tips: How to Beat the Heat

Defrosting after a cold winter is an amazing feeling, but spring never lasts as long as it should. As the summer temps rise, it becomes harder and harder to stay cool. Follow these tips and explore these fashion finds from Patterns & Pops in Denver to beat the heat this summer in style.

1. Protect yourself with a hat.

Fedoras and floppy hats are stylish and functional. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends a wide brimmed (3 inches or more) hat to protect your scalp and face.

2. Wear tops with cutouts.

We love cutouts! Whether it’s sheer lace or crochet sleeves, cutout detail is not only feminine and sweet, it’s a feature that lets the air flow. Hello, ventilation! A few more great options are off-the-shoulder tops, cold shoulder dresses, open-weave knit tops, open-back tops, backless dresses and crop tops.

3. Wear white.

We love black as much as the next person, it’s a wardrobe staple, but you might consider pushing the pause button for awhile. Did you know dark colors absorb more heat than light colors? A crisp, white outfit is perfect for summer, and it will keep you cool. Add a pop of color to the lips with a bright, glossy lipstick

4. Roll up your long sleeve tops to a 3/4 sleeve.

Long sleeve shirts are not off limits for the summer as long as you make one small adjustment: rolling the sleeves. This will allow you to extend the use of your cold weather clothes, saving you a little cash and expanding your wardrobe selection.

5. Wear lightweight fabrics.

Cotton is a natural fiber that breathes, the perfect summer fabric. Rayon is another great summer fabric, lightweight fun. We love this loose-fitted cerulean blue romper! Avoid synthetics like nylon and polyester if you can.

6. Rock a pair of tailored shorts.

Denim can get very hot, plus, it's fun to mix it up. Add a pair of tailored shorts to your collection with at least a 4’’ inseam.

7. Avoid structured tops.

Peplum tops and blazers with sharp lines are cute, but they tend to be fitted closely to the body. Loose fitting graphic tanks and tees are fun and comfy. If you need a little structure, pair a flowy tank with a lightweight blazer. 

Patterns & Pops is an online and mobile boutique based in Denver, Colorado. Follow @patternsandpops on Instagram to see where Patsy, their fashion truck, will pop up next.

July 19, 2016
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