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A New Era in Vitamin C Serums
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A New Era in Vitamin C Serums

For the past month we’ve introduced you to several innovative ingredients in preparation for the release of Glo Skin Beauty Boost: Repair serums, Daily Power C and Daily Power C+. Our team researched hundreds of top ingredients to help protect your skin from environmental dangers and improve skin’s clarity. The result, two brand new, game changing Vitamin C serums.

Though it may be hard to understand, the environment can cause real damage to the skin. Issues like early signs of aging, hyperpigmentation and uneven texture are all caused by free radicals we encounter on a daily basis. In order to protect the skin from harmful particles and repair previous damage, a Vitamin C product should be used.

Traditional Vitamin C serums oxidize quickly, which makes them less effective over time. This was one of the main factors that lead to the innovation of the new Daily Power C and Daily Power C+ serums. By combining three different forms of Vitamin C, our products have a two year shelf-life and won't lose efficacy. Now you may be wondering, which Vitamin C serum is right for me? To put it simply, Daily Power C is perfect for ANYONE. No matter your age, skin type or sensitivity level- anyone can benefit from Daily Power C. If you have dry skin or are more concerned with reversing skin’s signs of aging, Daily Power C+ is a better choice for you.

Still not sure? Take a look at the detailed differences below:


  • Daily antioxidant, anti-pollution and environmental protection serum
  • Helps prevent signs of aging
  • Visibly transforms skin’s clarity
  • Features over 15% Vitamin C
  • Recommended for all skin types including sensitive skin


  • Ultimate daily antioxidant, environmental protection serum
  • Ideal for fighting visible signs of aging and improving skin's brightness
  • Strengthens, protects and firms skin
  • Features over 20% Vitamin C
  • Recommended for dry skin and clients concerned with aging, including those with light sensitivity

If you're still not ready to adopt Daily Power C or Daily Power C+ into your skincare routine, take a look at the highlights from our clinical studies:

  • After 56 days of regular use, clients saw improved skin suppleness with a reduced visibility of pores and expression lines for a smoother, younger looking complexion
  • After just nine days, studies showed more than a 35% reduction in excess pigment, leading to a brighter complexion and improved radiance

If this is your first time introducing a Vitamin C serum into your daily routine, it is an easy habit to adapt. Apply your chosen Vitamin C serum in the morning, following your cleanse and tone steps. Our formula is gentle, yet incredibly effective when used daily. Follow your application of your chosen Vitamin C serum with Daily Hydration or Daily Hydration+ to replenish water content in the skin and help see even better results! These two products are great to start with, especially if you’ve previously only been using minimal skincare products.

Get ready to see visible results and boost your skincare regimen with Daily Power C and Daily Power C+!

October 10, 2017
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