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Bridal Beauty Diary: Treatment #3

Guest post by bride-to-be, Amy Foster.

Let’s be honest, no one likes to talk about “bacne”, but today I’m bravely addressing this pesky skin issue that many brides struggle with. Often times, due to an increase in trips to the gym, warmer wedding season weather and the added stress of planning a wedding, blemishes can start to appear on your back and chest- not ideal for brides wearing a strapless dress! I know it’s something that I worry about so I created a plan with glo’s National Educator, Amanda, to tackle the issue before the big day.

For the first in a series of treatments, Amanda kindly refers to as a “bacials” (AKA back facials), she started with glo’s Clear Acne Cleanser followed by the Conditioning Mist. She stressed the importance of removing all sweat and oil from the back before starting the treatment. She also suggests using the Clear Acne Cleanser in the shower to help prevent future breakouts.

Next, Amanda used glo’s Therapeutic Body Exfoliant which contains a potent combination of Lactic and Salicylic Acid. This brightens and deeply cleans the follicle, helping prevent rough, bumpy skin. After massaging this refreshing exfoliant into the skin for two minutes (which felt incredible!), she removed the scrub completely with a steamed towel. Once dry, she applied three layers of the Pro 5 Exfoliant to assist with extractions.

For a few of the larger blemishes, she applied Salicylic 30% with a q-tip. Amanda highly recommends using the Salicylic 30% for any breakout, but warns that it should be used carefully since this treatment can heat up quite a bit. I personally didn’t feel much discomfort, but you can definitely tell it’s working! After 3 minutes, she applied a layer of Neutralizer. Then, to finish off the treatment, she applied our Advanced B5 Hydration followed by Therapeutic Body Cream.

To find a professional who can perform a similar treatment please call 1-800-232-0398. Stay tuned during the next couple of weeks for suggestions on what to carry in your gym bag to help keep back and chest breakouts to a minimum!

July 14, 2015
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