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Using Glycolic Acid to Treat Acne: Before & After

As we age, cell turnover and renewal rates slow which can lead to a buildup of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. Increasing cell turnover can be helpful for acne-prone skin to unclog pores which become blocked. Improve rough, coarse and uneven texture by finding smooth skin solutions with exfoliating and smoothing properties and ingredients that help stimulate cell renewal.

What is Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) with the smallest molecular size of all the Hydroxy Acids. Because of its size, it penetrates the stratum corneum, loosening the glue that holds surface skin cells to each other. By stimulating exfoliation dry skin sloughs off, revealing fresh, healthy skin.

According to the Journal of the German Dermatological Society, products containing AHAs have been proven to effectively treat mild acne. Glycolic Acid is an amazing anti-aging ingredient as well because it improves fine lines, dry spots and hyperpigmentation. You can find it in all types of skincare products, from cleansers and toners to exfoliants and serums.

7% Glycolic Resurfacing Toner

Glycolic Resurfacing Toner is a leave on toning solution that visibly smooths skin and refines pores, softening the overall texture and clearing congestion. With 7% Glycolic Acid, this powerful formula is active without over drying or irritating the skin. After cleansing, dispense the toner onto a cotton round or cotton ball and smooth over your face, allowing to absorb before moving on to your serum. This toner can be used daily or as tolerated to uncover fresh and healthy cells.

Acne Before & After

Two clients used 7% Glycolic Toner to treat their acne. One client says...

“I love this toner! My skin is extremely sensitive so I can’t use aggressive products. I started to see a difference in my skin by the second day.”

The second client noticed a considerable difference after using the toner every evening for two weeks without making any other alterations or adjustments to her routine…

“After just a few weeks, the texture of my skin has softened and evened out, leaving me feeling flawless.”

It’s very important to note that Glycolic Acid increases skin's sensitivity to sunlight, so your daily SPF becomes even more important to remember. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, you should apply a nickel-sized dollop of broad spectrum sunscreen to your face, SPF 15 or higher.

When you introduce powerful, active formulas into your skincare routine, start by introducing one product at a time. We recommend pairing your at-home skincare routine with regular professional skincare treatments, so find a glo retailer near you to book a skin consultation.

*Photos have not been retouched.

March 30, 2016
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