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How to Contour & Highlight Fair Skin

Fair skin can be tough to contour when colors are too warm or too dark. If you pick a color that’s too warm, you will end up with a bronzed effect, which is great if you’re going for a back-from-the-beach glow, but not so great if you want subtle definition. If you pick a color that’s too dark, the contour will be obvious, drawing attention to the areas you’re trying to minimize. Follow these tips for selecting the right shade and learn how to contour pale skin for flawless dimension.

First, pick a contour color with a cool undertone. If the color looks like a bronzer, it’s probably not the best color choice. The first contour shade in the Contour Kit in fair to light palette is a perfect pick. Also, avoid shimmer because with contour you’re trying to replicate the effect a natural shadow would have. Lastly, when in doubt, blend, blend, blend. Avoid stripes and streaks of color on the skin by blending out the edges thoroughly with a contour brush.

If you’re new to contour or usually don’t wear much color on your face, start slow with your contour routine by picking one or two features to define at a time. Depending on your features, you may not want to contour all over.

How to Contour Fair Skin

  1. Hairline. It’s very important to start natural because a little color goes a long way. Brush a small amount along the hairline. Press and blend your brush into the hairs for a seamless color transition where the scalp and forehead meet.
  2. Cheekbones & Temples. Wrap the color along the temples towards the cheekbones, carving the cheeks just below the cheek bone.
  3. Jawline. Start your contour application just behind the earlobes so you can’t see where the color starts, and keep the color high and tight along the jawline. Applying the color too far down the neck will make your foundation appear mismatched.
  4. Nose. Add natural depth and dimension to the crease of the eye, starting at the outside of the eye socket and bringing the color inward and down the side of the nose for a slimming effect.

How to Highlight Fair Skin

  1. Matte Highlight. Apply a matte highlight to the center of the forehead and chin and on the cheeks just below your contour but just above your jawline. A matte highlight is more subtle and adds a soft glow.
  2. Shimmer Highlight. You can layer a shimmer highlight powder over your matte highlight for an added pop. Apply to the tops of your cheekbones for a dewy strobe. Play with your highlight placement until you get the look you want.


June 9, 2016
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