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Color Melt: Ombré Lips in 2 Steps
Makeup, How-to

Color Melt: Ombré Lips in 2 Steps

Why choose one lip color when you can have two? The ombré effect is when you create a color gradient, transitioning from one color to the next. We’ve seen this gorgeous look on hair, nails and lips, and we can’t get enough of it.

While ombré traditionally goes from light to dark, a beautiful color melt blends two or more colors together, creating a smooth, seamless transition. We’ll show you how to take this bold, high-fashion trend and make it wearable for a night on the town or a fun Valentine’s Day lip.

A perfectly blended lip is hard to keep in place, so go for a longwear, matte lipstick like Suede Matte Crayon. Once you apply this velvety formula, it will set in place for all day wear. After playing with several color combinations, we’ve found our favorite with sorbet, a vibrant fuchsia, and crimson, a deep, vampy red. For a classic light-to-dark look, pair crush with crimson, or monogram with demure. Experiment until you find your perfect color melt!

How to Create an Ombré Lip

  1. Start with the lighter of the two shades, applying to the center portion of the lips. Leave the outer corners bare.
  2. Take the darker of the two shades and line the lips all the way around and fill in the outer corners. Tap the color gently against your lips to blend as you go where the colors overlap, leaving the inner portion of the lips with a pop of color.
January 28, 2016
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