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Outerwear as Your Favorite Glo Skin Beauty Moisturizer
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Outerwear as Your Favorite Glo Skin Beauty Moisturizer

One of the only redeeming qualities of Winter is the range of outerwear options you can choose from each day. And just as each jacket serves a purpose in your closet, so does each moisturizer in your routine. From light-weight oils to heavy duty creams, we have the perfect moisturizer for you this season!

Puffer Jacket as Vita E Essential Cream

puffer jacket

Is your skin a little sensitive? Do you like to be completely bundled up when you leave the house? Then we have the moisturizer for you. Vita E Essential Cream is just like your puffer jacket. It’ll protect you from all angles, without being too heavy. This medium-weight moisturizer is an excellent choice for anyone who experiences redness, irritation or dehydration.

Wool Coat as Phyto-Active Light Moisture

wool coat

The classic wool coat is seen as a closet staple but it’s also so much more than that. From businesswear to athleisure, the addition of a wool coat adds a polished and sophisticated feel, without trying too hard. Similarly, Phyto-Active Light Moisture adds a level of sophistication to any routine, without completely breaking the bank.. Its universal formula is friendly for all skin types and pumps your skin full of anti-aging peptides and plant stem cells, making an easy choice when you want to feel a little fancy.

Rain Jacket as Glycolic Resurfacing Cream

rain jacket

Just like that heavy duty rain jacket you only pull out in the worst weather, Glycolic Resurfacing Cream is the moisturizer you only use when you really need to see results. With a 10% Glycolic Acid formula, this isn't your average moisturizer. In addition to providing hydration, it also smooths and retexturizes your complexion, making it the perfect multi-tasker. So keep it nearby, but out of your daily routine.

Fleece Pullover as Restorative Cream

fleece pullover

Cozy, pillowy, dreamy- all words that can be used to describe your fleece pullover. It’s dependable and has never let you down whether you’re running errands, becoming one with nature or even staying home on the couch. Restorative Cream is just like your trusty pullover- it may not be the fanciest or most technical moisturizer, but it’s a tried and true option that gets the job done. Did we mention it smells delicious?

Leather Jacket as Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil

leather jacket

Leather jackets are synonymous with rebels. They effortlessly give off the ‘I do what I want’ vibe but in the coolest way. In the same sense, our Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil is the rebel moisturizer. It’s unexpected and breaks tradition but it doesn’t disappoint. Use it to sheer out your foundation, layer it over/under your (traditional) moisturizer, mix it into a mask, the possibilities are endless.

Knit Sweater as Oil Free Moisturizer

knit sweater

For anyone living in California, Arizona or Florida, whose idea of outerwear is a thin sweater, we hear you. Your seasons (barely) change and they rarely warrant anything heavier than a long sleeve top. Oil Free Moisturizer, is just like your trusty sweater. It’s great year round, especially when you’re not worried about the changing seasons. Just stick to what you know with our best-selling formula.

Embroidered Jean Jacket as Hydra Radiance Moisturizer

denim jacket

A sure fire way to stand out in a sea of jackets is with personalization. Our favorite take is the embroidered denim jacket. It’s the finishing touch to ensure you’re noticed. Trying to stand out with your skincare? You’ll love Hydra Radiance Moisturizer. It gives you everything you need from a lightweight moisturizer, plus it instantly illuminates your complexion. Apply and let the compliments roll in.

December 16, 2019
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