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Skincare + Beauty Trends 2021
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Skincare + Beauty Trends 2021

If 2020 was all about the discovery that skincare is vital to our selfcare, then for 2021, skincare trends pick up pace with an array of innovations, ingredients, and intelligent formulations. Stacking our shelfies full of cute-but-ineffective products is firmly out, replaced instead by our new work-smarter-not-harder, skinimalism mood. Think personalized protocols, multi-tasking formulas, authentic clean and clinical skincare, and impactful, performance-packed products.

And, with maskne, inflammaging, and new skin sensitivities driving the skincare conversation in recent times, solution-driven skincare has never been more relevant. Solving for an array of issues, targeted and tailored treatments are key to helping our skin and self-care thrive in this new normal. 

Also trending for 2021 is the new generation of intelligent makeup. Less about single-purpose products and all about multi-tasking, this next-level makeup not only works across multiple features, but also brings all the skincare benefits too. And, when it comes to color, 2021 sees a renewed focus on individuality - doing our makeup our way, for our own creativity and confidence. Expect color palettes popping with playfulness, served in tactile textures and versatile, customizable effects.

Skincare Trends 2021

2021 Skincare Trends

Less Is More

Not exactly a new concept but one that’s reemerged recently in reaction to the popularity of 12+ step routines and other complex skincare systems, the skincare trends pendulum swings firmly back into the quality over quantity zone. Underpinned by our increasing sense of responsibility to not over-consume resources, 2021 is focused on smart, multi-tasking skincare that’s agile and results-driven. Think solutions-centric serum drops, a new wave of next-generation moisturizers, along with at-home pro-level treatments to help boost skin and support other products’ efficacy. 

Your Skin But Better

Natural, glowing skin has been in for many seasons now, but for 2021 it takes on new strides, with skincare-infused-makeup to help replenish radiance while harnessing that glow-giving pigment power too. Starting with a highly active skincare system that gets to work repairing and restoring your natural brightness, moisture levels, and protecting against aging elements, just add lightweight foundation oils, sticks, and highlighters to the mix for an elevated take on your own complexion. You can even add a few drops of your favorite serum into your liquid foundation to level-up your glow. 

Skincare Trends 2021

Personalized Skincare

With skin that’s as individual as we are, that one-size-fits-all approach to skincare just doesn’t cut it. While those universally loved products will always feature in the mix, now there’s the opportunity to tailor your routine depending on what your skin needs and when it needs it. Step forward a more customizable take on skincare via serum drops. Acne or blemish control? Clear and balance skin with a salicylic acid-infused serum or treatment. Need blue light protection and a brightness boost? Look to vitamin C for that skin-shielding defense, then add hyaluronic acid for a hydration hit. Looking for firming and smoothing? Amp up your nighttime treatments by alternating a retinol serum with an EGF serum. Mix and match, add to your daily face creams and foundations too and build your bespoke skincare wardrobe.

Cleanical Skincare

With the clean beauty movement to thank for our increasingly ingredient-savvy mindsets, right now, many of us are equally as interested in what’s not in the jar, as what actually is. Step forward cleanical skincare.  A clean and clinical hybrid approach, cleanical skincare mixes non-toxic, ethical formulations with safety and science, for clinically-proven results. Something Glo has always stood for with trustworthy and transformative products, look to vegan formulations free-from parabens, phthalates, harsh sulfates, talc, and more, transparency on sourced ingredients, not to mention cruelty-free, scientific tried-and-tested results.

2021 Makeup Trends

Makeup Trends 2021 - Eye makeup
Photo Credits: Ceciliarentea + Cyndlekomarovski

The New Smokey Eye Liner

With mask-wearing still a key part of 2021, for our makeup, the emphasis stays firmly on the eyes but in impactful new attitudes. Taking the principles of that all-time classic smokey eye and updating it for modern moods, this look combines that crisp graphic liner with smudgy, smoked shadow hues for an elevated effect. And, as with its smokey eye foundations, it allows for as little or as much intensity as you like, easily buildable to create a look that works for your aesthetic.

Graphic Liner

Continuing that eye-focus story, while classic ink lined eyes have never truly gone out of style, for 2021, expect it to throw new shapes and textures into the mix. Skipping the shadow and focusing on the interplay of those bold graphic lines, whether the floating crease, diffused lines, parallel graphic lines, or top and bottom lid liner, this season’s graphics can be any color, in liquid or pencil textures. 

Bold Color Play

Optimism is back and playing out in bold new hues. Make your eyes your playground and try a fun blend of color-popping shades. Mix and match to accentuate your eye color, and try experimenting with texture from matte through to high-shine, glossed effects.

Natural Brows

Making the most of what we’ve got was the mantra of 2020’s brows, and this continues into 2021 with a distinctly natural focus and low-maintenance mood. If our brows are naturally thin - thanks to the ‘90s revival, we’re embracing them, just adding a little fluffing to bring them more into modern times. For brows that need a little freshening up in spots, we’re using a spoolie brush to neaten, then filling in any gaps with high-precision brow liner. And, for the more statement side of 2021 brows, opt-in on sky-high fluffy brows to frame the face and accentuate your eyes.

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