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The Next-Generation Moisturizers You Need To Know About

The Next-Generation Moisturizers You Need To Know About

As we move into multitasking times, we’re looking for more from our moisturizers. Rather than slathering on layer after layer of product to repair and protect our moisture barrier or target our key concerns, we’re taking a less is more approach, opting in on high-powered formulations that offer a boost of benefits in one go. And, what better place to solve for an array of complexion goals and conditioning needs than via an elevated, next-generation moisturizer. These treatment moisturizers offer all the usual good stuff but now are infused with amplified actives for all the skin-love. 

Still performing the all-important job of conditioning, strengthening, and hydrating our skin with the essential nutrients our complexions crave - think hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamins, these next-generation moisturizers are packed with the latest botanical technology, innovative actives, and a splash of skincare alchemy, to deliver all kinds of nourishment for specific needs. And, the best bit? Using fewer but more targeted treatments in your skincare ritual is not only super wallet-friendly and more sustainable, it also means that the actives in the products you do use can get to work straight away, delivering all their benefits with less comedogenic issues too. It’s a skin-win situation.

Meet The Next-Generation Moisturizers...

Easy Glowing

For brightening, hydration, and smoothing, Hydra-Bright AHA Hydrator delivers a dual-action boost. It’s infused with vitamin C to restore radiance and shield from the damaging effects of blue light and pollution, while a mineral luminosity complex imparts instant glass-skin radiance. And, to earn its next-generation moisturizer status, it's also powered by 1% vegan lactic acid for gentle exfoliation and smoothing, all while it conditions with velvety squalane, supporting skin’s suppleness and elasticity. 

And, as with any brightening routine, due to cell turnover, the Hydra-Bright AHA Hydrator’s brightening and smoothing effects can take up to 45 days to be visible, so while the actives get to work under the surface, the mineral luminosity complex gives you that instant lit-from-within look. 

Cool And Calm

Calming and soothing, diminishing hyperpigmentation, and providing antioxidant protection, this restorative Balancing Moisture Remedy moisturizer features an elevated blend of botanicals for a comforted, de-stressed complexion. Loaded with anti-inflammatory aloe vera, it cools while it calms, packing some serious healing power thanks to peony and goldenrod extracts which inhibit pigment production, for a more even tone and texture.

Shine Off

Not all oil-free moisturizers are created equal. This Oil Control Emulsion features microsponge technology for mattifying and shine-reducing benefits, while it balances, purifies, and strengthens skin’s natural barrier with a natural reparative prebiotic. And, to ensure skin stays hydrated and comfortable - especially if we’re using more clarifying or spot-treatment products alongside this, it delivers a big boost of hyaluronic acid to refresh and revitalize complexions. 

Firm Friend

Protecting, firming, and boosting brightness, the Phyto-Active Light Moisture is fuelled by plant stem cell technology and botanical actives to strengthen and nourish skin. Featuring a potent next-level anti-aging blend, it gives a smoothing, toning, collagen-promoting boost, while plant stem cell provides amplified antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection. And, skin’s moisture levels are given a major hydration quench thanks to small molecule hyaluronic acid which dives deep into the skin, locking in the moisture, for a plumped, renewed effect.

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