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Travel Makeup Tips for Carry On
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Travel Makeup Tips for Carry On

Airline travel can be a hassle between security, flight delays and checked luggage. While checking your luggage may make packing more convenient, it often comes at a price. Carry on items, including makeup, are subject to TSA regulations, so pack smart and pack light to travel stress free.

Keep Liquids to a Minimum

There’s no getting around the TSA liquid rules even where cosmetics are concerned. It’s tough to stuff all of the liquids you need, from shampoo and conditioner to foundation and liquid eyeliner, into a single quart-sized bag. At a certain point, you may have to make some cuts.

Makeup is an easy way to cut corners. Instead of your usual liquid base or tinted moisturizer, pack your favorite mineral powder foundation. Mascara and lip gloss don’t have to be placed inside your quart-size baggie, so you’re safe there.

Protect Your Liquids

Secure your liquids by sealing every lid with tape or a rubber band. This goes for both checked luggage and carry on. When the air pressure changes in flight, your liquids may pop open and pour out. If you can’t be bothered with a baggie of liquids, you may choose to skip them completely and purchase what you need when you arrive.

Pack Palettes

Palettes are a convenient way to travel with several eye shadows at a time without bulking up your cosmetics bag. Select a neutral eye shadow palette to create a variety of looks. If you want to mix it up, pack a couple colorful shadow singles as well for variety.

Even if you’re checking the rest of your luggage, it’s a good idea to carry on your palettes so you don’t end up with shattered shadows. We’ve all seen luggage tossed on and off conveyor belts and carousels, so play it safe.

Go for Multi-Purpose Makeup

Products with multiple uses can effectively slim down your travel makeup pile. A tinted primer serves as primer and color, allowing you to skip foundation.

Lipstick makes for beautiful cream blush. Lightly dab it from the tube onto the apples of your cheeks and tap it in with your fingers. Sheer rose, mauve and berry shades work best.

Use Travel Size Tools

Travel size skincare and hair care are easy to come by, but don’t forget about travel size tools! Miniature brush sets and sample size cosmetics make traveling light a breeze.

Also, consider not taking every single tool you use for your everyday makeup. A blush brush can double up as a powder brush and an eyeliner brush can double as a brow brush.

Pack as You Put On Your Makeup

Save packing your makeup for the morning of your flight. Go through your standard makeup routine and pack the must-haves as you go. At every step, ask yourself what is critical and what can stay at home.

When it comes to lipstick, it’s tempting to pack a wide range of shade options, but realistically you’ll only wear one or two colors on any given trip. Pack an everyday neutral and one bold option. Minimalism may not be in the nature of a beauty junky, but look at it as a challenge.

Go Natural

Bare skin is in! Take a vacation from your makeup bag all together and say hello to your natural beauty. Instead, dedicate your liquid bag space to your travel size skincare saviors.

November 15, 2016
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