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#WhatsInMyGlo: Citystem™
Skincare, Ingredients

#WhatsInMyGlo: Citystem™

Here at Glo Skin Beauty we love plant stem cells for their ability to produce dramatic results. We even have an entire collection dedicated to these potent ingredients, which you may know as our Phyto-Active Collection. This exciting technology is found in another future Glo Skin Beauty ingredient, Citystem™, which uses plant stem cell technology to prevent pollution damage to the skin.

The research behind pollution damage tells us that particle size is the biggest factor in determining potential dangers to overall health. The smaller the particle--especially those 10 micrometers or smaller--the worse it is for your skin and overall health. Particles under 10 micrometers are capable of penetrating the throat and nose and can even enter the lungs.

When understanding pollution damage to the skin, however, particle size means much less since particles of many different sizes are capable of penetrating the skin and hair follicles. This is hugely concerning for the overall health of our skin and makes preventing pollution damage a top concern.

Based on their research of pollution damage, the team behind Citystem™ determined the following as the four pillars for product development:

  • Protection of skin cells from the penetration of pollutants
  • Removal and neutralization of toxic oxidant species
  • Strengthening of the skin barrier
  • Repair of cell metabolism

These four pillars aligned to help create Citystem™, which has shown instant and long term results in improving overall skin health. In a clinical study, volunteers saw refined skin texture, a healthy glow and a fresher, purified complexion.

For some of you, pollution damage may be a new concept that you have not thought about before, which can seem daunting as you try to understand and formulate your daily skincare routine. Luckily, Glo Skin Beauty is releasing a brand new product containing Citystem™ that will allow you to easily protect your skin from airborne pollutants. Check back this October to find out more!

Have questions about Citystem™ or preventing pollution damage? Let us know in the comments.

September 20, 2017
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