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Your Top 5 Skincare Mistakes and How to Fix Them
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Your Top 5 Skincare Mistakes and How to Fix Them

It’s a fact of life, everybody makes mistakes. But some could be wreaking havoc on your skin without you even realizing it. So instead of ignoring our issues, let’s get your skincare routine on the right path and learn from our mistakes, shall we?

Wrong way sign

Mistake #1: Expecting products to work miracles

Don’t get us wrong, the right products can transform your skin but it’s not going to happen overnight. Giving up on a product because you didn’t see any change after two uses isn’t just unfair, it’s a waste. You’ll never know if a product is right for your skin unless you give it time to work its magic. Try to test only one product at a time (so you can easily identify the results) and give it at least 8 weeks of consistent use before you form an opinion. The one exception: if you notice an adverse reaction (rash/hives) feel free to discontinue use right away.

Mistake #2: Over exfoliating

Not only do we love exfoliation, we love that it’s a common staple in your weekly routine. But this love for exfoliation only goes so far, as too much of a good thing can destroy your moisture barrier. Regardless of the type of exfoliation you’re into (physical or chemical exfoliation), remember to let your skin heal and breathe. There’s no need to scrub your skin to death every night and doing so won’t solve any of your problems.

Mistake #3: Not washing your face/hands/brushes/etc

You’re not doing your skin any favors when you introduce it to excess dirt and debris- whether it’s your face that still has last night’s makeup on, your hands that haven’t been washed since the last time you used the restroom, or your brushes that may or may not have ever seen soap. So here’s a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Wash your face every night. It’s good for you and those expensive serums won’t work if they can't penetrate your skin.
  • Think about how many surfaces you touch each day and wash your hands before you use them as tools on your face.
  • Clean your brushes regularly. We don’t expect you to spend hours cleaning each night, but when they’ve turned a completely different color, it may be time for a bath. Not to mention, if you’re frequently covering active breakouts, you could be spreading bacteria around your face, leading to even more breakouts.

Mistake #4: Skipping moisturizer

This mistake is more common with oily and/or acne-prone clients. For years, you’ve probably been told that oil is the enemy and moisturizers clog pores but that just isn’t true. Sure, you don’t have to use a rich cream but you do need to hydrate. Looking for lightweight options? Try Daily Hydration, Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil or Oil Control Emulsion.

Mistake #5: Falling for trends

We won’t call any out specifically but there is a reason behind the phrase ‘consistency is key’. When it comes to skincare, it can be tempting to try every new product because your best friend’s mother’s cousin said it TRANSFORMED her skin. Trust us when we say it probably didn’t and if your current routine is working, don’t mess with it. Trends are trends for a reason- they come and go. Using products that feature ingredients backed by data is your best bet at achieving your skin goals.

Are you guilty of any of these skincare mistakes? Let us know in the comments!

June 24, 2019
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