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5 Ways Primers Will Change Your Beauty Routine

5 Ways Primers Will Change Your Beauty Routine

You already know about the basics on why Glo Skin Beauty loves primers (if you don’t, click here!) but maybe you’re not convinced why you should really use them. With six different options, priming, and even block priming, have never been easier. To help you see the priming light, we’re breaking down the top 5 ways primers will change your beauty routine.

Ensures longwear of foundation

The #1 purpose of primers is to extend the look and wear of your face makeup and who wouldn’t want that? By filling in fine lines and smoothing blemishes, primers also help you use less foundation and concealer over time.

Mattifies oily skin

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For anyone who identifies with oily skin, adding another layer of liquid to your beauty routine can be daunting. Thankfully, many primers offer a semi-matte finish so you can stay shine-free all day. For extra problem areas, try patting Mattifying Primer onto oily areas to control unwanted sebum production.

Offers sheer coverage

Some days you might not want to put on a full face of makeup and that’s okay! If you still want to even your complexion, tinted primers are a great go-to option.

Provide sun protection


Although not all primers contain SPF, many do, which makes protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays an easy step to remember in your routine.


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Is your base a little too light for your summer complexion? Mix it with a slightly darker primer to achieve your perfect shade! The same goes for formula- if you want to lighten your full coverage foundation, mix with a primer to thin out the formula for a sheer coverage look. Are you using a primer regularly? We want to hear your thoughts! Tell us below in the comments.

July 9, 2018
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