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Effortless Brow Tutorial: Transform Your Brows in Three Easy Steps
Makeup, How-to

Effortless Brow Tutorial: Transform Your Brows in Three Easy Steps

TWith the fairly recent rise in #InstaBrows, it should come as no surprise that the brows are an incredibly important feature of the face. Aside from their health benefits (keeping sweat, water and debris out of your eyes), eyebrows are vital to conveying emotion through nonverbal communication.

TBut just because your eyebrows are important facial features doesn’t mean you have to spend all day transforming them. For us, a transformation doesn’t relate to the time it takes to complete, but more the final look you’re trying to achieve. Whether you’re looking to amp up or completely change your brows, we have buildable products that will work for any look.

TThough we’ve loved seeing the #InstaBrows trend, here at Glo Skin Beauty we usually go for more of a natural brow that simply enhances our natural shape and fill. Using just three products, you can achieve your very own brow transformation. Follow along with our easy guide below!


The importance of prepping your skin for makeup is crucial to ensuring skin's health and the long wear of your products. But this shouldn't be reserved for only special event makeup- our products make it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Our model has oily skin and was prepped with our Oily Skin Regimen products: Purifying Gel, Purifying Mist, Oil Free Moisturizer and Oil Free SPF 40+. Not oily? Click here to determine your skin type. She’s also wearing Satin Cream Foundation in shade Natural Fair and Liquid Bright Concealer in High Beam.


Before Image of Brow Transformation

Step 1

Using light, hair-like strokes with the Precise Micro Browliner, define the brows. Be sure to fill in any sparse areas.


Brow after step 1 Precise Micro Browliner

Why We Love Precise Micro Browliner

glo skin beauty brow liner


  • Gives an effortless, light fill to the brow
  • Wax-based formula lasts up to 10+ hours
  • Easily intensifies brows
  • Comes in 6 shades

Step 2

Using the 110 Full Coverage Camouflage Brush and Under Eye Concealer, clean up the brow by applying product to the top and bottom of the brow to add more sculpt. 

Brow after step 2 Under Eye Concealer

Why We Love Under Eye Concealer

glo skin beauty concealer
  • Helps create a more tailored brow
  • Highlights brow bone
  • Comes in four shades, with each shade containing a lighter and darker option
  • Great for any skin type

Step 3

Finish off your brow transformation by applying Brow Gel using an upward and outward stroke. 


Brow after step 3 Brow Gel

Why We Love Brow Gel


glo skin beauty brow gel
  • Adds the right amount of sheen
  • Keeps every hair in place
  • Formula is clear making it great for any hair color
  • Provides longer wearability to the look

What is your go-to brow look? Tag us in your brow transformation on social using #DiscoverYourGlo.

April 9, 2018
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