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Five Reasons You Need to Treat and Protect Your Neck
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Five Reasons You Need to Treat and Protect Your Neck

For many, taking care of our skin is a daily habit. We cleanse, tone, treat and moisturize our faces regularly but what about our necks? Taking care of the skin covering your neck is a vital part to aging gracefully but it’s often overlooked even by the most diligent beauty experts. Here are five reasons why you need to start treating and protecting your neck today.


1) Beauty experts say the true way to tell a woman’s age is by looking at her hands and neck!
2) The skin covering our neck naturally has less collagen. This means it will start to sag and show signs of aging faster than your face.
3) We are constantly moving our necks throughout the day (nodding, turning, stretching) so the skin around your neck loses its vitality quickly with age.
4) Your neck is one of the most exposed parts of your body and is often overexposed to environmental conditions such as the cold, heat, and wind.
5) We always add SPF to our face but often forget about the front of our necks and chest which is also exposed to harmful UV rays.


Neck Firming Serum helps boost collagen and hyaluronic acid production to tighten and firm your neck. The combined lifting action, brighteners and anti-aging properties result in a smoother more youthful-looking neck. It’s not too late, add this essential step to you daily beauty routine!  
February 17, 2015
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