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Glo How-To: Age Appropriate Shimmer
Makeup, How-to

Glo How-To: Age Appropriate Shimmer

Hear Janeena Billera, Sr. Makeup Artist and Educator, discuss how to add a little shimmer to your beauty look, regardless of your age.

age appropriate shimmer

When traveling as a makeup artists to events and trainings, there are certain questions that come up often. Today I’m going to answer this popular question: “I have aging skin. Will products with shimmer make me look older?”

If you were anything like me when you started using makeup, you gravitated towards sparkly bronzers, heavy and highly pigmented highlighters and eye shadows, and anything glitter related. However, heavy formulations with a high concentration of light reflecting shimmer or glitter might not be the best option as you mature. I see makeup application as an art form, and when creating art it’s all about knowing your canvas, which in this case is the face.  Women of all ages can have a few wrinkles and fine lines that they would rather not accentuate which is why it’s important to avoid products that will draw attention to fine lines and larger pores.

Now don’t get discouraged. There are specific ways to use shimmer to your benefit, such as using light diffusing, illuminating, and brightening products.  An anti-aging lightweight and emollient foundation that helps re-texturize the skin is always a great idea. I like Luminous Liquid Foundation SPF 18 which creates a soft focus finish and, with the help of diamond powder, adds a youthful glow. It’s the perfect choice for an all over base that adds an instant, natural glow.

I also advised my mature skin clients to take precaution when using larger particles of shimmer on and around the eye area as this can accentuate fine lines. If a powdered shimmery highlight is calling your name pick a product that has very fine particles such as Shimmer Brick in luster or gleam. Again, make sure that you are just adding a light shimmer and not glitter!

When using a product like a Shimmer Brick there are also couple of things to keep in mind. It’s best to keep the colors neutral and skin toned so they can blend naturally. Avoid stark whites or bright golds as they can look unnatural. Last but not least, focus on the area of placement. This is probably the most important tip. Always try to apply products with shimmer to smooth surface areas such as the inner corners of eyes, the brow bone and down the bridge of the nose. If the lower center of the eyelid is wrinkle-free, use just a touch there as well. Always remember less is more, and to use a light hand during application.

June 6, 2014
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