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glo How-To: Combat Dry, Dull Skin On the Go

This time of year can be busier than usual which means our normal health and beauty routines can take a back seat to holiday festivities. Add colder temperatures and drier climates to the mix and your skin might feel anything but holiday party ready. Combat dull and dry skin while on the go by keeping these three products in your purse or at your desk:
Repair Cream
Why Your Skin Needs It: Repair Cream provides ultimate relief and conditioning for extremely dry hands by moisturizing your skin from within.
How It Works: Repair Cream soothes and aids in tissue repair by accelerating the skin's natural defenses and reversing damage.  Antioxidants are also at work to prevent future cellular damage from harsh temperatures and dry climates.  Apply this healing, non-greasy formula to hands and feet twice daily and after washing.
Why Your Skin Needs It: Hydration Mist instantly hydrates and soothes dry skin when exposed to dry conditions.
How it Works: Misting skin throughout the day with the refreshing blend of peppermint, lavender and rosemary essential oils instantly stimulates the senses and provides moisturizing nutrients that are vital to maintaining skin's healthy radiance.
Eye Fix Revitalizing Treatment
Why Your Skin Needs It: Lack of moisture can cause the delicate skin under your eyes to appear puffy and dry. Eye Fix Revitalizing Treatment helps wake up tired eyes, erase dark circles and relieve puffiness.
How It Works: Pure essential oils and soothing botanical ingredients stimulate, smooth and tone the eye area while active ingredients help aide in moisture retention.
December 11, 2014
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