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How to Restore Your Skin After a Big Event
Skincare, How-to, Ingredients

How to Restore Your Skin After a Big Event

Whether you watched the big game yesterday because you love football, love somebody who loves football or just had nothing better to do, we can bet you probably noticed a fully stocked buffet and bar. Game day snacks and refreshments are almost as important as the game itself and we all know how tempting it can be to ditch your diet for the day and indulge. If you’re like us, feel free to admit that you threw caution to the wind and had yourself a day (and night)- we’re here to help you restore your skin for good.

Feeling dehydrated?

Alcohol is probably the cause and it was most likely flowing all day whether your team was winning, losing or at home out of the match. To combat your lack of hydration, reach for a super hydrating serum, ideally one with Hyaluronic Acid like Daily Hydration+. And maybe consider upping your water intake for the rest of the week (or forever).

Extra oily skin?

Research is divided on whether your diet affects your skin but one thing is certain: if you’re eating greasy finger foods, it’s likely some of that grease ended up on your face. And if there’s grease on your face, it’s probably clogging your pores. Refining Mask helps draw out impurities without drying out your skin.

Lackluster complexion?

You can thank the table of sweets for your suddenly dull tone and darker under eyes. Super Serum adds much needed collagen back into your skin to replace that je ne sais quoi, restoring your glow. For even more collagen, try incorporating berries, avocados, almonds, tomatoes and dark green vegetables into your diet this week.

Dry and flakey from the polar vortex?

Aren’t we all? Based on the weather the past few weeks, everyone could use an extra boost of nourishing and conditioning ingredients. Restorative Mask is the perfect way to amp up your routine and repair your moisture barrier. For best results, apply a thin layer, go to sleep and wake up with refreshed skin!

January 31, 2019
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